Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Velocity 2.0 gun

Here is what the new Velocity 2.0 gun looks like...."Bond....James Bond."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Velocity 2.0

I am so excited to be able to release my wildly successful Velocity routine with an even slicker gun. This has been off the market for nearly two years and I have gotten so many calls and emails from people who missed out the first time. I have gotten one or two emails weekly for the past year about when this would be available. Well...the wait is over.

This routine is real world and has found its way into the acts of hip young magicians such as Justin Kredible, Morgan Strebler, and Florian Zimmer just to name a few. It is a killer routine that I have enjoyed performing and now you can too. Till we run out again. Don't miss this one this time!

Here is a sneak peek at the routine and how it plays on stage. Enjoy

If you want to grab one...do it HERE

Friday, August 19, 2011

SAM Convention 2011 Pittsburgh

Just got this letter from RG Smith, the SAM show producer. Made me happy to hear, not only from this letter, but from everyone on FB and phone calls and emails that all the work putting together a show like this really made people happy.
By request... here are the words to the song I sang introducing all the acts and poking fun at the fact that the show was called Pennsylvania's Greatest Magicians.

(sung to the tune of "Everything's Coming Up Roses")

(opening dialogue)

“When the SAM asked me to host the show called Pennsylvania’s Greatest Magicians the first thing I said was,”Why the hell are you calling me?” But then... I could almost see it...up in lights. (music go) Pennsylvania’s Greatest Magicians. Why...there wouldn’t be stages big enough, there wouldn’t be lights bright enough. This show...this show...could be better than...better than...Believe.”

(song begins)

This shows fun, this shows great

we’ve got magic served up on a plate

Lots of jokes, lots of laughs

Penn-syl-van-ia’s got great magicians

Nathan Kepner, is a blast,

He pulls musical stuff out his...... aaaaaask

anyone, they’ll agree

Penn-syl-van-ia’s got Great Magicians

It’s a great show

Lots of fun, have no fear,

We hope, you’ll cheer

Cause we turned down real gigs to be HERE

Haywire’s fun, what a thrill

They’ll be digging up old vaudeville,

And Jay Sterling, you will find, really blows, up your mind

And I might even do a trick or two,

Penn-syl-van-ia’s Greatest Magicians are here just for you

So, grab your note pads, as some of you like to do,

I’ve got a feeling,

There’s lots of jokes you'll be stealing.

Curtain up, spread the news, cause Fred Becker took time off his cruise.

To be here, just for you, brought his wife, Bobbie too.

And nothing’s gonna stop us ‘til were thru

Honey everything’s coming up bright lights and shiny props

Everything’s coming up and split-fans and zombie balls

Everything’s coming up wonder and woffel dust

Everything’s coming up magic in Pittsburg PA!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Egg and the Bag Trick

Hi Magic Juicers,

Here is a video clip of me performing the Egg Bag using my Sure Shot production at the end. I have some of the Sure Shot gimmicks available here on the Juice.