Friday, July 9, 2010

Be The Guy

Have you ever been out in a public situation and an opportunity presents itself and you're not prepared? It's happened to me before... I wind up somewhere, meet someone with connections or possible business opportunity who says, "Do something for me!" And I'm empty handed, or empty pocketed as the case may be.

In that case, your mantra should be "Be the guy."

I'm not saying you should go to the grocery loaded to the gills with close up paraphenalia but I always carry something with me. An invisible deck, a ring flight, just something that I can do to blow them away on the spot.

These should be tricks that are quick to perform, with little "prop-age" but tons of impact. It should engage the viewer and leave them with an unforgettable moment.

Along those same lines, I try not to leave the house looking like a bum. now, I'm not wearing a tux out to the bank, but I try not to wear my crappy, ripped up work jeans!

When someone says "What to do you do?" and you say "I'm a magician," and they say "Can you show me something?"....who wants to see you scramble for props, bumbling around in your stretched out 1980's Color Me Bad tee shirt anyway?

"Be the guy" means being prepared and looking respectable and successful on a daily basis. It makes me feel better and more motivated.

"Be the guy" means being able to confidently take advantage of unexpected connections that present themselves and look good while doing it.

"Be the guy" means, well.... Be the guy!

Photo Credit - Upton via Flickr Creative Commons

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