Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Trick to be Released Soon!

This is the latest release from A&P magic. The trick is based around the premise of the 20th Century Silk routine. It is a terrific opener for a stage show as it features a musical opening, as well as a follow up section that revolves around a pseudo explanation of how you performed the first part of the trick. This portion of the routine involves audience interaction and comedy climaxing in a beautiful and visual appearance of an odd colored silk being tossed into the air and visually tying itself on to the other two silks. It is the perfect opener as it involves quick visual magic, comedy and then an interactive interlude that allows your personality to shine. Then a killer finale. This has tons of entertainment value.

Available from your favorite magic dealer by the end of June.

Watch the video and pre-order below! $175.00 for the complete kit!
All Pre-orders are free shipping until the official release at the end of June!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stand Up Guys Lecture Highlight

Puck and I did a show and lecture at Denny and Lee's that broke the all time 20 year attendance record. The show was full of laughs, roasts and inside jokes from the world of magic, especially for those who frequent the Denny and Lee Magic Studio in Baltimore. The first half of the evening was a show featuring parody songs, videos and live skits, and the second half featured Puck and myself lecturing on some of our tricks we have released to the magic community.

Here is the opening number of the show.....